Predicting and Improving Crop Quality and Taste

We can help you improve the repeat purchasing and returns for your produce by ensuring your crop quality and taste consistently delights consumers, right from the start of the season.

We have a proven track record of helping primary sector breeders, industries and businesses increase consumer demand for their produce. We do this by combining our extensive experience in crop quality assurance with robust science and data analytics to help our customers predict the consumer acceptance of their crops before harvest and optimise quality throughout their entire supply chain.

Our extensive commercial experience working with numerous crop quality measures, including BrimA, enables us to help primary sector businesses, breeders and industry bodies set and meet the quality standards that will consistently provide consumers with a positive taste experience. We recently helped the unregulated New Zealand citrus industry increase the consumer acceptability of Navel Oranges from 67% to 96% in one season.

Over the past fifteen years we have developed recognised expertise in:

  • Predicting harvest
  • Optimising and predicting crop quality and taste
  • Predicting consumer liking
  • Breeding for optimum taste
  • Monitoring crop quality – on-farm, retail and export - with easily interpreted real-time feedback
  • Setting national crop quality standards to achieve desired consumer liking criteria
  • Developing crop sampling protocols, custom-designed to suit the specific crop variety and growing system
  • Developing clearance criteria
  • Determining fruit property measurements for properties such as colour, firmness and taste
  • Managing variability
  • Reducing quality-related crop losses
  • Interpreting orchard data
  • Providing user-friendly crop quality assurance oversight for growers and marketing companies
  • Assuring consistent quality across multiple growing locations.